Preventive, predictive, participatory and personalized

Modern medicine slowly but steadily develops in the direction of the P4 trend (Preventive, Predictive, Participatory and Personalized). The ultimate goals of which are to reduce the period of chronic disease and increase the duration of active life. In fact, we are talking about shifting the emphasis from the treatment of certain diseases to the monitoring and managing of general health and, thereby, preventing disease.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it

However, «if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.» as Peter Drucker, the inventor of management theory, used to say. Measurment of health biomarkers is a key to health management, as it allows identification of preventive treatment targets early on.

The system offers a set of several dozen parameters: these are widely available, minimally invasive biomarkers that allow for comprehensive assessment of health conditions. Further, these parameters help to develop a strategy for the correction of these biomarkers and, therefore, the improvement of health.

Each biomarker has an extensive evidence base and is associated with both total mortality and risks of developing various age-associated diseases. If values ​​of these parameters exceed the limits of the reference zone, the system offers methods of preventive correction based on the results of clinical studies, meta-analyses, international guidelines, and the experience of leading clinics around the world. The system accumulates data on statistically significant evidence of intervention effectiveness, which will help the physician select the necessary interventions in accordance with principles of evidence-based medicine.

Our platform unlike other products:


Systematize patient’s test results, making it possible to see individual time curve of each parameter, negative and positive trends in health. This is why it satisfies the personolization and in silico predectivity criterea


Offers preventive measures that allow the doctor together with the patient to choose strategy of health recovery and to correct it as the value of biomarkers changes (principles of precautionary and participatory).